Artiste Prestidigitateur from Paris, I started to steal from the audience with smiles, both mine and those of my victims, more than 15 years ago.

Since then, I did my Comedy Pickpocket Act in shows around the world. The Cirque du Soleil show «Kooza» in the USA and in Japan,  the «Big Apple Circus» in New York city, the “Circus Scott” in Sweden, the “Krystall Palast variété” in Leipzig, the “Palazzo Colombino” in Basel…

From October 2018, I will be in the famous « Schuhbeck Teatro »  in Munich, Germany. My act is pure comedy, I play a French character that doesn’t know what to do on stage and finally does the only thing he pretends to know from Paris: Pickpocket.

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Here is a short video (in German) of my Pickpocket Act in a Palazzo dinner show. To see my act at the “Big Apple Circus” (in English), in “Kooza” (in Japanese), at the “Krystall Palast Variété” (in German) or in various TV shows, (indonesia TV, MBC TV, Rai TV…), please contact me. Thank you.




Here are some of the shows where I have performed the last few years: